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Nicole Bassuk

Nicole Bassuk, CEO/Founder

As the Founder & CEO Nicole Bassuk’s executive leadership in the HR/Staffing world spans over 30 years.   She has led teams of recruiting and training for global companies such as Robert Half, Spherion (now Randstadt) and several other boutique staffing firms.  Her extraordinary background from NYC/Manhattan’s elite Upper West Side / Central Park West and Ivy League education from the well respected New York University | NYU in Business Management offers her clients, strategic business (out of the box thinking) knowledge and genuine relationship development skills combined with a cultural charm. 

Nicole is married to Moshe Darwazeh, partner and CFO where their passions are for one another, food and the love for anything that has wheels and an engine!!  Living in their penthouse condo on the Beach in South Florida with their son, Jay they are living the American dream.   Nicole is also a certified Chef from Johnson & Wales University N. Miami where cooking and baking gourmet meals for friends and family is a regular must.  A Tid Bit:  Nicole worked for Donald J. Trump in the mid-80s and he helped jump start a successful catering business in Connecticut for the Rich & Famous (Ask her how). 

Nicole is an avid animal lover and her dream (when she retires) is for her and Moshe to buy a huge rustic Ranch in the mountains with lots of land; drive their Harley-Davidson motorcycles and enjoy great meals from their custom rustic country kitchen.

Moshe Darwazeh

Moshe Darwazeh, CFO/Co-Founder

Executive Partner and married to Nicole Bassuk, CEO.  With over 15 years of business management and staffing background. His expertise is a blend of management; sales; and financial acumen that lends well towards a growing business. Moshe has great understanding of complex contractual agreements and overall managing business processes.

As an entrepreneurial for the past eight (8) years in his career, he has grown to be a humble but strong analytical leader.  Moshe is originally born in Israel and speaks English, Arabic and Hebrew.   He is passionate about driving and is enjoying spending 24/7 with his beloved wife as partners in life and business.   Moshe also enjoys his double degrees in Finance and Economics from FIU and an AA from Eastern Florida State College.  A TID BIT about Moshe:  Was the oldest of seven (7) children in his family and was the leader at an early age. Moshe loves animals and cars…and eating his wife’s gourmet food!

Dave Eisenhart, Vice President of Sales & Solutions

David Eisenhart is an artist and accomplished business professional currently living in Reno Nevada. David started his storied career in 1988 working as a detailer in a small dealership in Southern California. With David’s unparalleled work ethic, his ability to make people feel at ease and his uncanny eye for perfection, the owner of the dealership quickly took notice and moved David into the sales department. Within a few short months, David took the dealership and his new found career by storm and quickly shattered all previous sales records and was quickly moved up into management. All of this before his 19th birthday. By the age of 22, David had become the General Manager and equity partner of the dealership, started a family and began to raise his two beautiful daughters. 32 years later, David not only is still at the top of his game but he is also a leader in the his industry winning countless performance and customer service awards including the coveted Harley-Davidson Platinum Bar & Shield award.

Bonnie Salomone

Bonnie Salomone, Recruiting Manager

Bonnie Salomone has an innate desire for cultivating relationships.  Her personal passion for success carries over to her clients and candidates. As part of the pulse of SHCS, her proactive determination will match clients and candidates that allows for long relationship of employer/employee success. As a strong leader she has the heart working with a team that will grow together for the success of the company and clients they bring together

Bonnie came from both the automotive dealership industry as well as having experience in the staffing agency side of the world. She was in Management of multiple Porsche dealerships where she understands the cultural and importance of staffing from the inside of the dealerships.

As a manager and a natural coach Bonnie has been responsible for hiring, firing, and mentoring up to 20 staff members. She is a leader in many areas of her field and is exciting about her future with SHCS as she grows their recruiting teams across the country.

Tidd bit about Bonnie:  She is a certified Hypnotic & Wellness Coach and enjoys working with people and animals.

Keturah Howard

Keturah Howard, Talent Scout

Keturah Howard is a seasoned recruiter with over 8 years of experience in a variety of industries and a broad range roles, including management positions, technical staffing, and recruitment processing outsourcing.  Most recently, Keturah has spent two and half years as a lead recruiter with Yamaha Motors onboarding various levels of managers and highly skill and specialized technical roles for their operations across the US.  

Keturah enjoys traveling and experiencing other cultures and cuisines, doing volunteer work for non-profit organizations, and frequenting outdoor festivals.  Recent accomplishments include traveling to Paris and volunteering with Books for Africa.

We Are Experienced!

More than 30 years experience

The team at SHCS provides and identifies mission critical staffing and professional vendor consulting solutions for companies in the AUTOMOTIVE & MOTORSPORTS world.

Our team drives the best in the business to YOU.

With Nicole, Moshe, Dave, Bonnie, and Keturah our professional services stand out due to our company’s strong arm of business operational acumen with national and global coverage on client accounts.

SHCS is corporate member and contributor to:

  • American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)
  • Florida Association of Animal Welfare Organizations (FAAWO)
  • The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Florida)
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
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